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Rethink fish & crop farming


Sustainable Aquaponics and RAS expertly developed

Aquaponics provider and expert company focused on sustainable and productive aquaponics units, based on own developed technology for intensive food production, taking advantage of the symbiotic ecosystems combining aquaculture and crop farming and generating fresh, high quality fish protein and greens.


Years of experience


Water savings


Maintenance & downtime costs


Solid Waste Integrated Management System

With our nature-based modular technology, we have hacked the closed-loop balanced aquaponics systems, making it simultaneously long-term productive, cost-efficient, highly safe and sustainable, while growing the best organic tasty fresh food. It significantly reduces maintenance interventions and increases water savings, food safety and productivity without environmental impact and without depleting oceanic natural resources.

Tested & validated

Aquaponics Iberia is recognized as an R&D entity by the Portuguese National Innovation Agency (ANI), in the technical-scientific domains:

  • Agri-food (Healthy and sustainable food, and Waste treatment and reuse)
  • Water and Environment (Waste reduction, management, treatment and recovery).

innovation sustainable 

innovation sustainable 

innovation sustainable 

innovation sustainable 

innovation sustainable 


Making the world a healthier and more sustainable place.


Commercial aquaponics

Fish n’ Greens 2024

We're raising funding to implement the first full scale Fish n' Greens unit, with our updated technology, to grow the best fresh and tastiest fish and greens, supplying healthy and sustainable conscious consumers in large cities, in a totally circular and Farm to Fork approach.
RAS (Seawater aquaponics - IMTA)


First Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) in Iberian Peninsula to grow Greater Amberjack together with macroalgae through a new Integrated MultiTrophic Aquaculture (IMTA) circular technology.
Training and Educational aquaponics

School Farming

Aquaponics for educational purposes, to involve schools, municipalities, cultural and environmental educational centres.

aquaponics new generation 

aquaponics new generation 

aquaponics new generation 

aquaponics new generation 

aquaponics new generation 

aquaponics new generation