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Benefit from our expertise through aquaponics and aquaculture consultancy

Senior consultancy hourly rate

International or national market, innovation, technology, trends, certification, equipment options, what to grow, species, hydraulics, engineering, legal constraints and licensing... We will support you with the information and knowledge you need, being face-to-face, online or phone call consulting.

Our hourly rate: 190 €

Travel costs will be added if the consultancy takes place at the client's location.
VAT to be added to the value if applicable.


The same know-how and expertise but taking advantage of more time from our services

Senior consultancy packages

We support you with the same dedication, expertise and knowledge, but according to your required time needs, whether in your ideas and projects, or in your operating production unit that you want to take to another level. Again, face-to-face, online or phone call consulting.

  • 5 consecutive or interpolated hours: get in touch to request quotation
  • 1 full day (8 hours max): get in touch to request quotation
  • 1 full week (35 hours max): get in touch to request quotation

Travel costs will be added if the consultancy takes place at the client's location.
VAT to be added to the values if applicable.


Supporting your Aquaponics or Recirculating Aquaculture project from start to finish

Our project methodology

Our work methodology in aquaculture and aquaponics projects involves several distinct phases, which require approval and customer acceptance.
All proposal phases are independent and will be presented to you. You will be asked for approval at each phase of the project.
All phases are optional, but the latter depends on the previous execution. All phases will, at their completion moment, give rise to a proposal for the next phase.

①  ②  ③  

Data collection and Preliminary Report

We will visit the project implementation site, to survey all aspects related to the land, water, climate, existing infrastructure and, with your collaboration, we will collect all relevant technical and economic information and data.
All existing requirements, constraints and facilities must be identified, to obtain all the necessary information to proceed with the subsequent elaboration of a detailed project proposal.
The site visit will take approximately 2 to 3 hours. After the accompanied visit to the site, a Preliminary Report will be prepared, and subsequently sent to the customer, where the information collected, conclusions and recommendations will be duly explained.
Get in touch and ask us for more details about phase 1!

Price of phase 1: 450.00 €

Travel costs will be added (from our headquarters to the client's site).
VAT to be added to the value if applicable.

Detailed Project document

The technical and detailed document of the design of the aquaponics or recirculating aquaculture system to be implemented on the customer’s property.
It includes the execution planning, system design, identification of the various implementation phases, timelines, tasks, requirements, equipment, materials, techniques, labor work and budget.
The project will also include a detailed study on the theoretical capacity to be installed for the production of fish and plants (biomass), based on the sizing of the system, the scaling of aquaculture and hydroponic production, consumption of raw materials and other for production, proposed equipment and selected species.
This is a very relevant document because it contains the required information to request an aquaculture license permit, as well as all the technical information to build the production system.

Price of phase 2:
according to the delivered proposal after completion of phase 1.

Note: the amount paid for phase 1 (except for travel costs) will be deducted from the amount proposed for phase 2, if the customer effectively engages the services for this second phase.


After we present the detailed project report to you, it will also be proposed for construction services, i.e. the work that will implement the project to build the system from scratch until it is put in operation.
If the execution proposal is approved by you, Aquaponics Iberia will ensure the supply of equipment and construction of the system in the defined location, as projected, considering the terms agreed with you regarding this phase.

Price of phase 3:
according to the delivered proposal after completion of phase 2.

Training, Operation support and/or Maintenance

This phase, also subject to your wishes and approval refers to training and capacitation of the staff on system maintenance and operation.
You can also contract an operation support and/or maintenance agreement for your newly inaugurated project according to your requirements and wishes.

Price of phase 4:
proposal according to the desired services, needs and SLA delivered after completion of phase 3.


Aquaponics workshops and professional training

Beginners or advanced aquaponics training

Since 2015, we have been providing training in aquaponics regularly, having organized national and international workshops and trained more than 2500 people.
Our headquarters is also an aquaponics training center. We regularly hold in-person training workshops for beginners or those wanting more advanced content.
Our content is in Portuguese and English.
We also go to schools, universities or companies to provide training in aquaponics.

If you are interested in participating in one of our workshops, please get in touch!
We also have online training in aquaponics through our website (Portuguese language):