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Who We Are

We are an organization born of a team with more than two decades of experience in research, installation and maintenance of marine and freshwater aquaculture systems for food and ornamental production. We have experience in growing and breeding fish, crustaceans and other invertebrates in closed-circuit aquaculture systems.

We consider ourselves as a hub of independent professionals with expertise, experience and training in the most diverse areas related to aquaculture, aquaponics, aquarium, hydroponics, organic farming, renewable energies, training, technical consulting and design and investment planning.

What We Do

Our services in aquaponics and aquaculture (in RAS):


in aquaponics and sustainable aquaculture

Design, installation and management

of technical projects of aquaponics, seaponics and aquaculture (RAS, integration of fish farming with algae production, sustainable systems)

Investment projects


and conversion of projects


Workshops and training

theory and practice

01. Past

Following an international trend of the market, both in terms of demand and supply, in recent years we have specialized in sustainable food production, obtaining international training and coordinating and cooperating in various projects and experiences in mainland Portugal, in the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores, in South America (Venezuela and Mexico), USA (Miami, FL) and Portuguese speaking African countries. To this end, we have installed several aquaponics systems, we have some projects taking place in this area and we were the pioneers in Portugal to organize training courses, in a university context, dedicated to aquaponics, in partnership with MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, in FCUL – Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa and CETEMARES, Marine Sciences R&D, Education, and Knowledge Dissemination Centre. We also contribute to the dissemination of aquaponics at national level through television programs and agricultural journals.

02. Present and Future

We continue to organize other training courses in partnership with MARE and other entities, in university institutions, schools and in collaboration with local authorities, and we believe that aquaponics is the food production system that offers the greatest guarantees, as well as environmental sustainability, and also the quality and freshness of food, through organic and transparent methodologies for the consumer, as well as the lack of residues and the low consumption of water compared to conventional agriculture and aquaculture. We also believe that aquaponics is one of the great solutions to produce locally high quality vegetable and animal protein and has the potential to reduce the national current account deficit for fish products, since Portugal (and EU) currently imports about 2/3 of the fish we consume internally.

03. Partnerships

Among the partnerships we have established, we highlight:

⬤  MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre;
⬤  ESTM-IPL – School of Tourism and Technology of the Sea, of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria;
⬤  FCUL – Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon;
⬤  Cetemares – Marine Sciences R&D, Education, and Knowledge Dissemination Centre;
⬤  Local Action Group ECOMAR, in the scope of the Coastal DLBC of the Municipalities of Torres Vedras and Lourinhã;
⬤  Torres Vedras Municipality;
⬤  Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems.
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