Workshops in Aquaponics

We were the pioneers in Portugal to organize training courses, in a university context, dedicated to aquaponics, in partnership with MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, in FCUL – Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and Cetemares – Marine Sciences R&D, Education, and Knowledge Dissemination Centre.

We organize workshops in partnership with MARE and other entities, in universities, schools, private institutions and in collaboration with local authorities.

Aquaponics is an internationally successful and expanding production technique, whether domestically, locally, or at a commercial scale. In Portugal, it is taking its first steps and it is believed that, in the short term, it will become a popular and solidly established reality. As an area of very recent and very rapid international development,

an urgency of dissemination of knowledge and a demand for unusual training were detected. After all, among the 10 professions with the highest growth expected in the coming decades, we find two that are closely linked to aquaponics: the urban farmer and the aquaponics fish farmer.

With our Aquaponics courses in partnership with scientific institutions, we seek to promote the dissemination, research and awareness of this food production system, as well as to train the pioneers of this area in the Iberian Peninsula, whether with the intention of producing at commercial scale, or to produce on family scale and, nevertheless, also contribute to develop aquaponics locally, with all the inherent benefits of this productive system.


Aquaponics workshops aim to equip participants with knowledge about the main techniques and methodologies of aquaponics, sensitizing the importance of this modern and sustainable food production system that combines aquaculture and agricultural techniques.

At the end of these courses, trainees should master the theoretical aspects that will allow them to develop the practice of the most common processes related to the planning and installation of an aquaponic system, its maintenance and exploration as a productive factor.

Target audience

Aquaponics courses are aimed at professionals in agriculture and aquaculture, researchers, entrepreneurs, business people, nutritionists, environmentalists, students in the fields of biology, aquaculture and agronomy, aquarists and others interested in domestic or commercial food production.

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Aquaponics is an innovative production technique, based on environmentally sustainable methodologies and generating differentiated, natural, pure, fresh and outstanding flavour products that are very distinct from those usually introduced in the market.